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1.We're FAST! 2 Days is our NORMAL turn-around time for perfect bound books (Hard cover and Coil bound books take 5 days). But if 2-days isn't quite fast enough for you, we also offer Rush (1-day) and SuperRush (same day) service.

2.We Make it SO Easy ... We Even Answer Our Phones! Not only do we have lots of helpful information (and videos) on our website, but we've also got qualified people to answer all your questions via phone, email or on-line chat. We can explain every step. We take what can seem like a very scary process, and make it easy-to-understand. During regular business hours, we always answer our phones. We also offer Online Chat (see above), and we reply quickly to email questions. We're very flexible -- we don't have rigid file requirements. No elaborate contracts to sign, either, so you keep all rights to your book. And if you're selling your books, your profit margin on each sale will be much higher than the "royalties" that others promise you.

3.We Produce High-Quality Books! Our print quality is excellent. Not only are our perfect bound books stronger than most books you'll see at your local bookstore, but our case bound books are sewn using a 'library binding' technique that produces the strongest, most durable hard cover books available.

Yes, we're the fastest book printers around, but please.. remember to add SHIPPING TIME to your book printing order.

Got a critical "need by" date? Do yourself a BIG favor and add an extra day to your lead time.

We think UPS is the best and most reliable in the shipping business, and their "on-time delivery" rate is exceptional, but they sometimes miss their deadlines, and their guarantee only covers the SHIPPING COST. So if you order $1,000 worth of books, with a shipping cost of $50, and UPS is late, they'll only reimburse the SHIPPING COST of $50. Therefore, if at all possible, please give yourself an extra day or two cushion so you won't be disappointed.


Self-Publishing Book Printing Special -- Get 25 FREE books when you order 100 or more!

Sure, you can order as few as 10 books through 48HrBooks, but if you order 100 or more, we'll send you 25 more books FREE. There's nothing special you have to do ... we'll take care of everything automatically. We'll even list the 25 free on your order form so you don't forget. For example: simply order 100 books and you'll get 125; order 500 books and you'll get 525. That's a great deal, and it means that when you sell those 25 free books, it's all profit! Just one more way that your friends at 48HrBooks are here to help.

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How Much

  • When using our Cost Calculator, simply enter the number of black-and-white pages (front and back count as two pages), the number of color pages, the number of books, the size, the type of paper, and your zip code. Hit the red "UPDATE PRICE" button and you'll see prices for your books in three different binding types. You can order as few as 10 books, but if you order 100 or more, we'll automatically add in 25 free, and then calculate your true "per book" cost. If you'd like any additional options, they are listed below the Cost Calculator, along with their costs. Have an odd-sized book? Choose the next larger size, and tell us the actual size in the "Comments" section when you place your order.


How Fast

  • We've tried to make every step quick and easy, from placing your order, to uploading files, to viewing your PDF proof, and signing off. If you EVER run into trouble at any step of the way, we encourage you to call or email us with any questions at all. We can help you get past any trouble you have in placing your order, creating and sending your files, proofreading and signing off. Computers are wonderful things, but they don't always do what we expect them to do. If you have trouble with your order or with your files, let us know. We can help.

How Easy

  • We are book printers, not publishers, so we don't require you to sign a contract. You keep all the rights to your book, and you should make a lot more profit from every sale you make



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