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For over a hundred years, manufacturers of leather goods, graphic arts and furnishing products have looked to Cromwell Leather Group to supply outstanding quality in genuine leathers and bonded leathers.

Select Cromwell Genuine Leather or Cromwell Bonded Leather from over 300 sample items available for immediate sampling. We offer a variety of over 50 products that are In Stock for immediate shipment fromour warehouses in North America, Asia and Europe with low minimum orderquantities. We also offer custom production, made to your specifications.Whichever way you choose, we will work closely with you to make sure you aredelighted with Cromwell’s outstanding quality, service and reliability.

Depend on us for innovation and fashion. Discover our reputation for market leadership. With sales offices in New York and Hong Kong, we are positioned to respond quickly to your needs. Phone or contact us today for an immediate reply to your inquiry.

Cromwell Bonded Leathers are the material of choice for premier brands. Our bonded leathers are:


  • Recognized worldwide for beauty, creativity and fashion
  • Unsurpassed in quality and durability
  • Designed for ease of use in manufacturing operations, including high-speed machinery
  • Made in our own factories
  • Available immediately from stock or through fast, reliable production of custom orders.


The five Cromwell Bonded Leather product lines, Taratan®, Taratan II®, Excel-Tan®,Eurobond®, and ReNaturaRecycled Leather Fibers, give you enormous variety. With over three hundred items in samples from which to choose, you can select the ideal combination for style and cost.

Cromwell bonded leathers have the look, feel and smell ofCromwell genuine leathers because they are tannery made; produced on the sameequipment using the same methods as our genuine leathers. The cowhide fibers weuse to make bonded leathers come from the tanning process when the hides arebrought to a uniform thickness. The fibers are bonded with natural latex on ourunique machinery. As a result, Cromwell Bonded Leathers are soft and smoothwith a true fine leather aroma.


We produce our bonded leathers in continuousrolls, which can be shipped either in rolls or in sheets

Contact us for samples of any of our bonded leathers and to review which Cromwell Bonded Leathers are best suited for your company's needs.

Cromwell® Montana Cowhide
Cromwell Montana Cowhide is superb full grain bookbinding leather.
Look  Rich color tones that highlight the natural grain character.
Feel  Natural, supple and luxurious.
Smell  Wonderful classic leather aroma that affirms quality and authenticity.



  • Made in Cromwell’s factory in New Hampshire, USA.
  • Fast delivery of covers cut to customer specifications.
  • Low minimum order quantity.
  • Standard classic colors or made to order.




Cromwell’s expertise is leather for books. This is criticalbecause every step in processing, from raw material selection to tanning,coloring and cutting, is focused toward bookbinding. This focus affects beauty,durability and workability. Each cover is made to last for generations. Colorsmust not fade over time. Each cover must work well in the bindery. That meansproper foil stamping, excellent adhesion to both top and back sides of thecover, uniform thickness control and clean backs. And customers are assured ofCromwell’s quality in process and chemistry. Components must meet rigorousAmerican and European standards so there will be no surprises, such as leadfound in pigments.


Cromwell Montana cowhide has beautiful grain variation andnatural range markings. Each cover attests to the uniqueness of the hide. Itwill improve with age as regular handling creates an attractive burnishedpatina. It is an important attribute of Cromwell Montana Cowhide that, over thecourse of time and use, the owner of the book will develop a unique personalattachment to the volume.

Cromwell Saderra® genuine leather is uniquely selected, tanned and finished for bookbinding.

We start by securing the best skins from the most reliable sources.We choose selected pigskin raw material because pigskin leather hasparticularly high strength, a necessary quality for fine bookbinding. Our longexperience in worldwide procurement is critically important. Raw materialuniformity provides an essential element in Cromwell consistency. Further, weuse skins with a particularly tight fiber structure. This inhibits wrinkling or"double hiding” of the leather in the hinge area of the book when it isopened and closed.

Cromwell Saderra® genuine leather is tanned with aspecialized combination of tannins. This provides the leather with anoutstanding blend of characteristics; softness for flexibility, fullness forhubbing on the spine, and preservation for long life..

We color and grain our leather for both beauty and function.We carefully control the process in our own modern factory. Close attention ispaid to make sure that thickness is uniform. The highest quality leatherfinishes are applied in multiple coats to protect the book from abrasion andwear. We formulate specialized light stable colorants to inhibit fading, evenwith extensive light exposure. More than one thousand tons of pressure impartsgrain detail that will not diminish over time. Cromwell finishing technologyuses advanced chemistry and equipment. In order to be environmentally sound,our processing is water based and we test to ensure compliance withinternational standards for lead content.

Generally, we provide Cromwell Saderra® genuine leather incut to size covers. This gives the customer the advantages of certainty in costand no waste. We inspect and guarantee each cover. Because of our wide range ofIn Stock leathers, minimum order quantities are low and covers are shippedquickly.

Cromwell’s focus is bookbinding leather. Our experience and investment make us the world leader in this highly specialized field.


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