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Our Mission: Your message is our mission. We provide trusted counsel to publishers and ministries.

Organizations that publish, teach, and distribute Christian messages encounter the same, complex intellectual property issues faced by secular publishing organizations, often without the internal resources to navigate them. These organizations can greatly benefit from experienced counsel who have a deep understanding of the markets they are operating in and the audiences they serve.

Our clients equip and educate the church, publish books and curriculum, disciple children and adults, host worship events, license music and other rights, and distribute Christian products in all media formats around the world.

We are honored to serve as experienced legal guides, giving our clients the clarity they need to pursue their ministries with confidence.

Our Services:

Customized Agreements : Utilizing form agreements developed by our firm and updated to reflect best practices, we create customized templates for all forms of agreements commonly needed by a publishing company.

Manuscript Review : We review manuscripts for libel and infringement and develop practical solutions to resolve those risks.

Strategic Publishing Counsel : We are familiar with all aspects of the publishing business. We understand the intricacies of outsourcing fulfillment, managing distribution, acquiring publishing assets, and even selling an entire company. We regularly advise CEOs on strategic options as well as negotiate and close transactions.

Copyright & Trademark : We advise on copyright questions, perform trademark clearance and manage brand portfolios, address infringement claims, draft and negotiate IP license agreements, and handle disputes before the TTAB.

Antitrust Guidance : Price discrimination and antitrust laws are complex. We assist publishers to develop compliant policies and avoid landmines.

Rights Training Workshops : We are regularly invited to train publishing staff on the rights issues they encounter every day, from individual questions to full-day workshops.

Additional Services:

  • Digital publishing and eBooks
  • Text, image, and music permissions
  • Marketing and advertising clearance
  • Religious discrimination
  • Subsidiary rights
  • International publishing
  • Online privacy policies and terms of use
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Software, web, and other IT agreements
  • Intellectual property policies and usage guidelines

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We Are Counselors In The Truest Sense

While “counselor” is often used as legal terminology for a lawyer, we take that title seriously. We take pride in guiding your organization through whatever legal issues you have now and help prepare for future hurdles. Above all, our job is to offer informed and practical counsel to the organizations that need it.

To do that most effectively, we focus on advising our clients on publishing and intellectual property matters. Project responsibilities are spread among our team of professionals to maximize efficiency and leverage each member’s specialized expertise.

However, we also know how important it is to maintain the flexibility necessary to efficiently address specialized matters when a project requires. To assist in matters outside of FLG’s core expertise, we maintain regular affiliate relationships with a carefully selected group of experienced attorneys across the country, who we involve on a project-by-project basis to handle specialized areas such as tax, non-profit law, motion pictures, employment, bankruptcy, litigation, and other disciplines. We also work with many of our clients’ local general practice law firms to address state law and corporate matters and to comply with bar requirements.


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